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Speaking at everything from art galleries to synagogues to banquet halls to private homes, Gregor travels the globe with The Accidental Caregiver, his moving memoir journaling the last three years of the life of Holocaust refugee Maria Altmann - who was portrayed by Helen Mirren in the movie Woman in Gold. The Women's International Zionist Organization has sponsored Gregor's "Love, Maria" events in multiple cities, from Melbourne to Miami to Mexico. You're in the right place to learn about the memoir and its sequel, how to hire him as a speaker for this fascinating story, and meet all the (creative) Humans in His Phone.
-Seattle Post-Intelligencer
-Publisher's Weekly
Recent Interviews
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The Story.
Maria Altmann fought an entire nation for nearly a decade to reclaim one of the most iconic paintings of the 20th Century. When it ended, at age 92, she needed a caregiver...
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...that's when Gregor turned up.
"From the most unlikely of unlikely romances, comes a deeply-felt, touching, humorous exploration of what love and age means in today's world."
Hire Gregor to Speak at Your Event
“Gregor delivered his keynote with warmth, humor, charisma, and charm... he made a roomful of Jewish ladies very happy - that is no small feat." -Lorna Berger, Director, WIZO Sydney
"Gregor captures the magnetic, flirtatious, witty and wise sides of that extraordinary woman for whose affection I vied. Bless him for keeping her memory alive." -Stephen Lash, Chairman Emeritus, Christie's NY
"Gregor gives an intimate portrayal of the Maria Altmann only her closest friends and family were privileged to see, and others could only imagine." -E. Randol Schoenberg, attorney and key character in the film "Woman in Gold"
"Collins has succeeded on so many levels in relating this extremely personal story to the reader and listener - it tugs the heartstrings and then yanks them at just the right time."  -Internationally-renowned street artist @WRDSMTH
"An illuminating adventure about the pleasures and joy of simply being together."  -Diane Murdock, "The New Art of Dying"
How Gregor's Events Work:
Entry fees for events endows each guest a copy of The Accidental Caregiver that Gregor signs after his talk. Depending on the type and size of event, food and beverage may be included.
Some venues choose to show the movie Woman in Gold or the documentary Art of the Heist directly preceding Gregor's appearance. While both films are a worthy prelude to his completely different perspective as Maria's caregiver (most guests have already seen the former), pre-screening either isn't required for the event to be holistic -- Gregor covers the Supreme Court case that returned the Klimt paintings (and many fascinating details not covered in the films), as well as his unique relationship with Maria, making the event equal parts historical, and personal.
Gregor's Speaking Fee:
Having ardently collaborated with everyone from small retirement communities to large, established organizations, Gregor readily works within your budget. Spreading Maria's wit and love around the world is a true passion of his, so the one deal breaker is that all parties involved are as excited about the event as he will be. Gregor does not use agents or brokers, and is the face of all facets of his book and his talks.
Gregor's Presentation:
Gregor gives a playful, moving, uplifting visual display that beelines right to the heart. Lasting about 45 minutes, subjects include how he ended up in Hollywood working in reality TV, his chance encounter with Maria that started with a Craigslist ad, her enigmatic Aunt Adele (the lady in Gustav Klimt's "Gold Portrait"), her harrowing escape from the Gestapo, her historic Supreme Court victory, and a host of laugh-out-loud stories about their three years hanging out in Beverly Hills.
A 15-minute Q&A follows the talk.
Book-signings complete the event.
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(A recording of Gregor's recent talk in Mexico avail upon request)
"Gregor may not be the first person to have experienced such a deeply connected relationship with someone thrice his age, but he may well be the first to document it so courageously." -Lesley Alomi, high school English teacher, Perth, Australia
Check out Gregor's micro-documentary series
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